MCQ Requirements

The Magistrates Court Qualification (MCQ) is one of two parts of the membership process for the Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (CLAS), allowing people onto the duty solicitor scheme for police stations and magistrates courts.

To join the duty solicitor scheme, solicitors must apply for membership of the Law Society’s Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (CLAS); Only those who have completed the Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) or the Police Station Qualification (PSQ) and the Magistrates Court Qualification (MCQ) can obtain CLAS membership. These accreditations can be undertaken in any order or simultaneously.

You’ll need 12 months of criminal defence practice experience before taking the MCQ.
There are two assessments involved in the MCQ which can be taken in any order:

the portfolio
the interview and advocacy assessment

MCQ Pricing

MCQ Price List

Please note, a £20 plus VAT administration fee will apply on registration and will be added to the first assessment or support package purchased. Web prices include the administration fee where applicable.
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