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Level 5 Management Qualification - Requirements and Pricing

Level 5 Management Qualification Requirements

The Datalaw level 5 Operations/Department Management Qualification is a course designed specifically for solicitors who have taken or are about to take SRA Management Stage 1 and 2 and who are currently in a management role or progressing toward a management position.

Level 5 Management Qualification Pricing

The government has found that by 2024 the UK will need 2 million more qualified managers and as such the ESFA have set aside government funding in the form of the apprenticeship levy to train professionals in work to become qualified managers.

This funding is available to all law firms in England and Wales and as a registered provider Datalaw can take advantage of this funding on your firm’s behalf to subsidise the cost of this management qualification.

The full cost of this qualification is the 5% contribution from your company totalling £350 +VAT. This is more cost effective than purchasing the 12 hours of SRA management stage 1 and 2 which totals £398 +VAT.

Updated on: 07/10/2020

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