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Government Funding - Claiming Training Funding

Signing up to claim Government Funding

Step 1. Sign Up

Start by going to this page and creating an account:
Sign up for funding

After clicking sign up you will be emailed a confirmation code to the email you used during sign up.

Step 2. Choice which option you want to continue registration with

After entering the access code you will be prompted to continue the registration of your account either with:
Option (1) Your existing government gateway logins or via
Option (2) Using accounts office reference number and employer PAYE scheme reference. You should only use this if your payroll for your organisation is under £3 million.

**Option (1) Using the Government Gateway**

For this you will need the government gateway log in that your organisation uses to log in to government portals eg. to view HRMC details

After completing this option you will be prompted to enter another security access code sent to you via your choice

Then you will be asked to check that your details are correct before moving on to the next step (The Employers Agreement)

**Option (2) Using the Payroll Reference Number**

For this option you will need both you accounts office reference number and employer PAYE scheme reference.

After selecting continue you will be directed to the next step (The Employers Agreement)

Step 3. You will now be asked to view and accept the employers agreement

Scroll through and read the agreement before selecting 'Yes, I accept the agreement' and the continue button to move on to the next step

Step 4. You will then be directed to your digital services dashboard

Scroll down to the section on the left labelled 'Training Provider Permissions' and click on the title link.

Next select 'Add a new training provider'

Step 5. Next enter Datalaws UKPRN - 10083691

Next select 'Yes, Use Data Law Ltd' and the continue button

Step 6. You will now see the success message 'Training provider added' now select 'Set permissions for this training provider' and the continue button

Now select 'Create cohort' and 'Recruitment' followed by the continue button

Now confirm the permissions set

Step 7. You are finished and can now sign out. You will be redirected another page where you can select sign out in the top right corner.

Updated on: 01/10/2020

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