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Submitting PSQ Portfolio

Step 1. Log in to your datalaw account 

Step 2. Select the drop down in the top right and then select the 'PSRAS Submission' option

Step 3. Fill out the portfolio initial form with your: Title, Name, Phone, Address, Personal Study Declaration and Select submit when complete.

Step 4. Submit your portfolio in descending case date order

Enter: UFN, case date, Supervising Solicitor Name, Supervisor Roll Number and upload your case file in PDF format ONLY.

Unsure how to save you file as a PDF for word or other formats please see here HOW TO SAVE AS A PDF

Once all uploads are complete fill in your name at the bottom of the page and click submit.

Uploaded the wrong file? Select the trash can icon next the file to remove it.

Once you have uploaded all your cases  you will see a green success message.

At this point our team will receive your full portfolio and it will be entered into our 3 stage assessment with our assessors.

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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