The Police Station Representatives Accreditation Scheme must be undertaken by anyone who wishes to give advice in the police station for which payment is claimed from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).

The PSRAS may be undertaken by anyone, including those who are unqualified.

On completion of the assessment process, you will become a fully Accredited Police Station Representative.

There are four stages to the PSRAS:

Written Exam

Part A Portfolio

Part B Portfolio

Critical Incidents Test

The Written Exam is the first stage of the accreditation and must be undertaken by anyone who is not granted exemption. Exemption are provided by the LAA to:
- Those who have completed the Legal Practice Course
- Fellows or members of the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) who have passed the Institute’s Level 4 Professional Higher Diploma in Law (previously known as the Part 2 examinations) which must include the Criminal Law and Litigation papers
- Those who have completed the Bar Professional Training Course

Part A precedes the receipt of a probationary PIN number. Candidates can not start their Part A cases until the exam passed.

When probationary status is achieved, the Part B and the Critical Incidents Test can be done in any order.

Candidates are advised to source a Supervising Solicitor before starting the accreditation process. The supervisor must be a current police station duty solicitor or, failing which, a solicitor who is acceptable to the Commission as meeting the Crime Category Supervisor Standard.
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