Accessing the Level 5 Management Qualification

We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser to access the website as this will give the fastest and highest quality of performance

Go to and log in to your Datalaw Account by selecting "Log in" at the top right of the home page using your account email and password.

Access My Courses via the Important Shortcuts menu, from your dashboard as pictured below.

Select "My Courses" and click on your Level 5 Management Course Bundle

You can see the course windows listed and you can start viewing the course by selecting "Take Course"

You will be directed to the lecture listing screen

You may have access to several lectures containing a webinar, notes/powerpoint slides and knowledge based exercises for some of the courses contained

Click on "Start Lecture" to begin viewing the webinars and Notes

Once you have viewed the webinar or read the notes, remember to click the "Mark as Completed" at the top right hand side of the screen and click on "next" to proceed to your next lecture.

The last lecture will have a "finish" button, please ensure this has been clicked on to fully track your course as complete.

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